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Present, drugs Preparation Facing to improve quality, reduce cost pressures, medical supplies and Preparation The boundaries from the active component within the shrinking profits began to close, the R & D and manufacture of pharmaceutical excipients has become a new growth point in the pharmaceutical industry. , Within the recently held "The Second China Pharmaceutical Excipients standard utilization of the" Forum on China Pharmaceutical University, home health, said Professor James, recently, research and use of Pharmaceutical Excipients, some new trends have emerged, such as growth and development of multi-purpose accessories, new dosage forms development must accelerate growth and development of new pharmaceutical excipients. , Recent years, varieties of blockbuster drugs, dwindling earnings are significantly reduced; and a large number of patent medicine patent expires, the impact on the market increases; the same time Governments to reduce drug prices and improve product quality dual requirements reduced the net income margins of pharmaceutical companies. , Some big international system Pharmaceutical companies Industry unwilling to simply accept high input, low output of reality, seeking cheap, top quality medical accessories become more and much more pressing demands. , Traditionally, we believe that pharmaceutical excipients should be inert (chemical and physical inertia), and now the is in the nature of pharmaceutical excipients to form a new consensus that could not inert pharmaceutical excipients. Tu family health, said increasingly more evidence that there's biological activity accessories, some accessories, for example sodium cholate, HP-CD, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400, etc., can promote the oral absorption of insoluble drugs; many accessories such as CremophorEL, RH40, Tween20, 80, Span20, PluronicP85, TPGS, Brij30, Myrj52andGelucire44/14 can significantly inhibit the efflux of P-GP, and improve drug absorption. Additionally, many pharmaceutical excipients about the pharmacokinetics of injections have great influence, such as cyclodextrin could be lipid, such as lipoprotein, cholesterol interaction with the drug combination and also the discharge of water affect the pharmacokinetics of the drug blood larger. Meanwhile, more noteworthy is the fact that some pharmaceutical excipients also offers the role of adjuvant therapy, for example oleic acid, - linolenic acid can inhibit the expression of Her-2/neu breast cancer gene, therefore, oleic acid used in the HE tournament Ting (Herceptin) within the formula, linolenic acid for that recombinant anti-HER2 monoclonal antibody (trastuzumab) prescription, xylitol can be used in dentistry. The past few years, the preparation of development has led to the introduction of new accessories. TU Home Health stressed that the new accessories are usually light New Drugs Management, if your simple transformation of existing accessories, making it the series, for example PEG400, 600,800, etc., then the safety data to simplify. But preparations have been accessories to change the channel or boost the quantity of the application, you have to provide appropriate security and application based. At the moment, the introduction of new accessories focus on three main aspects: First, R & D to improve the compound medicines of new accessories. At the moment, pharmacological experiments and clinical drug dosage form design has become the bottleneck created, therefore, to solve the solubility of hydrophobic drugs into the development of an objective accessories. Second, R & D to improve the preparation of the production efficiency, yield, quality, new accessories. The 3rd is the R & D to improve the performance of such agents could be pressure, liquidity, lubricity of the new accessories. Additionally, the introduction of new accessories and a trend that's expanding series of products, for example, cellulose products, acrylic resin products. Development areas throughout the accessories, natural materials as well as their derivatives become more and much more popular. Starch-based materials to cost-effective than cellulose-based material, some new compressible starch, can provide adhesives, thinners, disintegrant multiple functions; new maltodextrin alternative Povidone (PVP ) as the effective adhesive. At the same time, development of multi-purpose accessory also attracted the interest of numerous industry, let the development of versatile low-cost, efficient excipients have grown to be common, like the growth and development of starch. Additionally, R & D Pharmaceutical Excipients, this content of the study in greater depth, since the drugs and supplies, accessories and auxiliary materials will produce between interactions, such as the role of generated charge, so the formula was designed, the overall will take into account, such as considering drugs can be absorbed accessories (for example cellulose) lead to incomplete drug release; drugs can accelerate the degradation; the development of eutectic so. Excipients in pharmaceutical applications, an increasing awareness in the formula ought to be minimal to include accessories.



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