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 About Us

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The goal of the Society for Advances in Learning Disabilities in India (SALD)  is to advance the science and practice of occupational therapy in India. 

Occupational Therapy, abbreviated as "OT", is at times, also called "Ergo Medicine" in India, a term based on the belief that "work (ergo) is medicine". However, "Occupational Therapy" is the most commonly used term to describe the profession in most parts of the world.

The following are the objectives of this Society:

1. To promote public awareness to the benefits of occupational therapy, and facilitate optimal access to services, and contact with qualified, registered occupational therapy practitioners.

2. To provide information to the general public, occupational therapy practitioners, administrators, and policy makers on issues pertaining to occupational therapy in India.

3. To facilitate career and practice development by supporting education, evidence-based and best-practice principles, innovation and research in healthcare in general and the profession of occupational therapy in specific.

4. To develop and foster interdisciplinary awareness and teamwork to facilitate optimal client/ patient outcomes.